Domain Redirect Analytics

Basic redirect analytics

Basic domain redirect analytics gives you an general overview for all of your redirects. It visualises the following details:

  • Requests per day in period
  • # of active sources in period
  • # of active destinations in period
  • Top sources with their respective hits
  • Top destinations with their respective hits
  • Top request locations with their respective hits

This type of a granular overview means that you can decide based on this info which domains to keep running and which not.

And also to see which source urls and which locations are getting the most hits.

Domain redirect analytics overview to show your traffic source and destinations

Detailed analytics

Detailed analytics gives you access to the raw request logs so that you can analyse them however you would like to.

Access to detailed domain redirect analytics is only available in the premium, ultimate, and enterprise packages. There are some different formats available such as Common Log Format, CSV, JSON, and more.